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New Tennant and free porno friends Let me give a little background. The economy was very poor in the area we live and everyone was having a tough time. The two factories shut down, the state had just had a big layoff and so a lot of the people in our area were adversely affected by the economy. I am self employed and before everything went bad in the economy I made a good living. I still have some work, but not like before. All the politicians were promising change, which we got. The change was just not the kind we were expecting. So we tightened our belts and did without a lot of the extras we were used to having. We still had our house and thought we might take on a border to get some extra money. We tried to be as self sufficient as we could, but there were still times we were coming up short. My wife was the real bread winner in the house now and she had a fairly secure job at the hospital. I was meeting Amelia for lunch at the hospital cafeteria, since I had a job in the area and we rode together to save gas. I could wait around the rest of the day for her to get off. We were sitting there talking about what we were going to do and the possibility of taking on a border and how we would work it out. I was not sure about putting an ad in the paper or posting it on the internet as I did not want a lot of weird people coming to see my house, especially since the crime rates were constantly going up. There was a young tech sitting by himself at the next table and he excused himself and said he did not mean to be nosy, but he overheard our conversation and he was in the market looking for a room to rent as he could not afford to keep renting the house he lived in now since his two roommates went back into the army. Tom explained the situation that he and his roommates decided to get jobs in the area after returning from Afghanistan. They had been together for two years and had seen a lot of action and decided they wanted to stay together until someone got married or something. They were sharing a house for a about a year and a half when things started going bad. First one of them lost their job working for the one factory that shut down and then about nine months later the other who was working for the state got laid off with no idea of how long it was going to last or if he would ever get his job back. The one of their old buddies called and said he was going back in the army and they promised to give them their rank back and a few other bennies after they had a refresher course they would be going back to Afghanistan. His two roommates decided to go and now he could not afford the rent on the house and all the utilities by himself. Tom said he was just not ready to go back to the army. We talked with Tom during lunch and said we would get back with him. I sat there by myself for a while and thought about my time in the Marines and how it was when I returned to the States. I did not notice that Tom had left his stuff at the table when he left but decided since I had his cell number I would give him a call and let him know I had it and I would be there until the end of the shift. Tom got there before Amelia did and thanked me for watching over it and that he normally did not loose things, but he was excited at the thought that his housing dilemma might be taken care of. Amelia came and said hi to Tom and all of a sudden she asked Tom if he wanted to follow us home so he could see where we lived and if it was not too far for him to drive. Tom agreed. We drove home with Tom following. Amelia talked and I listened. I mentioned that Tom was rather young and she corrected me that he was only twelve years younger than she was and that made him 24 years younger than me. I thanked her for reminding me of my age and asked what she was thinking. She said she wanted to find out more about him and thought it would be nice to have some company anyway. We arrived home and as usual Amelia went up and took a shower and changed clothes. She always hated the hospital smell on her clothes when she was at home or out so she always took a shower and changed. I had been in the habit of grilling something on the deck for dinner, except in really adverse weather. Since it was a nice day we sat on the deck having a beer while I grilled chicken, zucchini, potatoes and onions on the grill. I had already par boiled the zucchini and potatoes and seasoned them so they would be finished at the same time as the chicken. I made salad for everyone and set the table. Amelia came down as usual wearing a t-shirt and shorts. We sat and ate dinner with Tom and Amelia doing most of the talking. When Dinner was over Tom and Amelia continued talking while I cleaned up and did the dishes. Amelia and Tom seemed to get along very well and as we were sitting there drinking coffee Amelia asked Tom what he thought and said she would show him the room that would be his if he chose to have it and said he basically had his own bathroom since it was shared between the two bedrooms and the other room was vacant except when someone came home to visit. Amelia settled all the financial matters as far as rent and household duties were concerned and agreed upon. Tom and Amelia made arrangements for keys and when he would be able to move in and where he could store the stuff he would not use in his room or put in the house since he had some furniture of his own. I sat watching all the transactions and talking between them and notice Tom spent a lot of time, when Amelia was not looking at him, looking at her tits and especially if her nipples were sticking out, which was quite often. I decided not to say anything to Amelia as she was normally annoyed when I did it and I did not want to stir up matters. I was actually a little excited by the fact that Tom was checking her out and was finding her attractive enough to be checking her out. I thought about it some more and noticed I had a hard-on and was enjoying the action. Tom had left and I went over and came up behind Amelia and let her feel my hard-on pressing into her ass cheeks and kissed the back of her neck as she stood on the deck looking down over the field. I kept up kissing her and gently caressing her as we stood there. Normally she would tell me to control myself and say something like we are outside or someone might see. Amelia responded with a low moaning sound of approval like she was getting excited. I decided that was a queue to keep going which I did. It did not take long but in a few minutes I had her button on the front of her shorts undone and the zipper pulled down. I worked her shorts so they would fall on the deck and began a slow teasing caress of her hips and thighs. I was really enjoying taking my time caressing Amelia and getting her more and more excited. It reminded me of some of our earlier days when the kids were little and we would put them to bed and go out on the deck and make out like a couple of teenagers. I had my hand in her panties and was working her clit and slipping a finger now and then into her slit to get more lubrication from het wet pussy. I could tell by her breathing and the way she was leaning back into me that she was getting ready to cum. All of a sudden she grabbed my hand and pressed it hard against her pubic mound and said to do it harder and faster. I brought her over to the picnic table we had under the gazebo and sat down in a chair and began eating her pussy as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy. Amelia kept telling me she wanted more and I continued putting more fingers into her and pressing deeper and harder as I sucked and licked her clit. I thought she was ready for me to make love to her and started to stop and she told me to put my fingers back and not to stop just yet. I put my fingers back in and this time I had all four fingers in and was working my thumb in as I pressed deeper and deeper until I felt something give way and it was like her pussy just sucked my hand into her pussy and made her go nuts. I thought she was going to crush my hand with her contractions and then after a few minutes they relaxed and she held my hand still for a while and then said with a tired voice that was great. I sat there for quite some time patiently as she recovered from the orgasm she just had and asked if I would be upset if we did not make love then and waited for a while. I said I guess it is okay. She must have felt I was really feeling rejected and she said if I wanted she would give me a blow-job so she could rest. For her that was saying a lot as she was not always willing to give a blow-job, so I considered myself lucky and said yes. I went over to the glider and sat back and she sat on the deck between my legs and slowly began to give me one of the best blow-jobs I had in a long time. She licked up and down my shaft and every now and then would lick my balls and suck them gently into her mouth and the work her way back up to the head of my cock and then deep throat it and caress my balls and tickly my anus with her finger as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. I could tell I was going to cum and was making ready to pull out when she pulled me deep into the back of her throat as I began cumming. She continued to swallow until all my cum was gone. I sat there with her on the deck for an hour or so and then we got up and went into the house and went to sleep. I noticed since agreeing that Tom would live with us our sex life seemed a bit renewed and she was dropping some of the recent inhibitions she started to have about being outdoors or there might be a chance someone my see. I kept my mouth shut and just went along with the welcome changes. It was not long and Tom was part of our daily life and I thought that our sex life was going to take a nose dive and boy was I wrong. Amelia seemed to have more of a sex drive than I can remember and did not seem to matter that Tom was in the house or not. Tom moved in the following weekend and we all helped him get situated. I paid closer attention to Tom and his buddies and how they kept checking Amelia out, especially when she was braless, which was most of the time. I also notice that Amelia did a lot of extra things for us. I had some brush I wanted to clear and burn along the fence in the pasture the next weekend and I had talked to Tom about helping me and mentioned if we both worked for a while to get it started after a bit the other one could start burning it and at the same time the other one would keep clearing the fence and after an hour or so we could trade off that way we could share the work. Tom and I were working hard and sweating and Amelia came down and asked if we needed some extra help. Normally, she would have let me do it all and not offered to help. Tom agreed and said if she just drove the tractor back and forth with the trailer and let us load and unload it we could be done early. I had told Tom I opened the pool and had the solar panels on the barn roof connected to the pool and by the end of the day the water temperature should be great. Tom was looking forward to going swimming, since it was so hot and he was so sweaty. Tom asked if Amelia went swimming with me often and I said not very often. Tom had a disappointed look on his face. I made a mental note and when Amelia came back with drinks for us I told her we were going to go swimming. Amelia smiled and said she did not think the water would be warm enough and I told her I had opened it up and turned on the solar panels the other day and the water was 84º that morning. I said it should be close to 90º by mid afternoon. She smiled and said maybe, but I still have all the swimming suits in storage. I told her I was going to swim in my boxers and I did not need a suit. I also mentioned she could go as she was and did not need a suit either. She said that she did not want her shorts to get bleached in the water. I told her if she was worried about that she could take them off and swim in her shorts and t-shirt. We all worked together for another hour and a half and by 2:00 PM the fire was almost out and we had cleared a whole section of fence. Tom and I were walking over to the pool as Amelia came out of the barn after parking the tractor. I had already stripped to my boxers and Tom was wearing a black bikini brief. It looked like he had Speedos on. I looked over to Amelia and Tom called and asked if she was going to join us. Amelia said she did not have a suit and would have to get something to wear. Tom smiled and said you have shorts and a shirt on that is good enough. Amelia said they were good shorts and did not want to wear them in the water. Tom made a noise like he was disappointed and I said we are in our underwear and she could come in her underwear too if she wanted. Tom and I were in the pool swimming and acting like we did not care if she came in or not. I called to her and asked her to throw in a ball from in the barn so we could play with it. Amelia went into the barn and came back with the ball and threw it to Tom. Tom saw that Amelia took off her shorts and got into the pool and threw the ball to me and called out monkey in the middle. I caught the ball and threw it back to Tom. I noticed that even though she had on a light blue t-shirt that the fabric was older and it was thinner and you could see thru it. I did not say anything at first and threw it back to Tom. I noticed Tom was letting her get a lot closer to him before he threw the ball to me and he was not looking at me when he threw the ball and I had to swim a few feet to retrieve it. Amelia came over to me and I let her get close and whispered I could see thru her shirt and she was giving a nice show. Amelia surprised me and said I hope you guys are enjoying it. I said I was and gave her the ball and traded places with her. I was in the middle and she and Tom were throwing the ball back and forth and Tom was very obvious about staring at Amelia and that from the growing bulge in his briefs he was more than a little excited about what he was seeing. I did not think things would progress this fast when Tom moved in, but decided to see how far Amelia was willing to go. I dove for Amelia when Tom threw the ball and on purpose I grabbed her shirt and pulled as I went under water. I saw the shirt ripping and part of it come with me and some of it was still on her. Amelia normally would have been upset about one of her old t-shirts getting ruined, but she did not. Instead she looked down at what was left and said you ruined my shirt and took the rest off and threw it at me and said now you are going to have to buy me a new one. All three of us were topless and we continued to play the game for a bit longer each of us taking at least a turn in the middle. Amelia had the ball and I had just got in the middle and I made another wild dive for the ball and got her underwear and pulled them down. They were not ripped, but she took them off and threw them out on the side. I went over to her and kissed her and asked if she still wanted to play. Amelia said she was done playing and got out of the pool and laid out on a lounge chair. I looked at Tom and asked if he was going to stay in the pool or if he was ready to get out. Tom said he would stay in for a bit longer, I think it was due to the fact half of his hard cock was sticking out of his briefs. Tom was not very long, but he was thicker than most. I thought it had to be over 2” wide. I did not know if Amelia noticed he had a hard-on, but I was going to point it out to her and got out of the water. I sat down on a chair next to her and talked quietly to her pointing out Tom’s condition and she looked up at me and asked what it was to her? I replied that I thought she might find it complimentary as he was 12 years younger than she was. Amelia smiled and said she was well aware of how old Tom was and how old she was. I asked if she wanted me to put some oil on her so she would tan better. She smiled and said I guess you guys would really like that wouldn’t you? I did not say anything about guys and said I will be right back and got the oil and three beach towels. Amelia was laying face up on the lounge chair and I got the bottle of oil and began squirting it all over her body. I don’t think there was a part on the front that did not have oil and It needed rubbed into her skin. About the same time Tom had gotten out of the pool and dried off and was watching the show. Amelia said look at the mess. I looked and said I was going to rub it in and she replied by then it would all be rolling off. I looked at Tom and asked if he wanted to take care of the top half while I took care of the bottom half of her body. Tom started on the one side of Amelia to rub the oil but I suggested if he would stand at her head he would be able to work his way down evenly and that way he would not miss any spots. I also thought that if he were standing at her head she would have to look up and see his hard cock. I had discussed a fantasy of having another man join us for sex so we could both share her at the same time and that I wanted her to have the most pleasure she could get at the same time from being with two men. I also knew that if I started to work on her pussy she would look for something to do and she would probably take care of Tom. Tom mentioned that the oil smelled like strawberries and I told him it was because it was actually strawberry flavored Astroglide. I told Tom to go ahead and taste it. I suggested he lick one of her nipples and see if he liked it. In the mean time I had worked my way up her legs and was slowly and teasingly caressing her pussy. I watched Tom as he first licked and sucked on one nipple and then on the other nipple and began to lick her entire tit clean and then the other. I could tell that Amelia was really enjoying the treatment as she had spread her legs and put both feet on the ground and was working her hips to try to get my fingers where she wanted them. I took the bottle of oil and poured more on her chest for Tom to rub and lick and I poured a generous amount on her pussy as I began working my fingers in and out of her pussy as I licked and sucked on her clit. I was looking up every few seconds to see how Tom was doing and I could see him standing up with his cock in Amelia’s mouth and both hands playing with her nipples. Amelia had moved up on the lounge chair so her head was off the top and she could lean it back and Tom could have full access to her mouth and throat. I could tell Tom was really enjoying himself and from the soft moaning Amelia was doing she was enjoying the effect we were both giving her. I flicked the tip of my tongue faster and faster on her clit and was busy working four fingers in and out of her pussy. I could feel the muscles in Amelia’s pussy clamping down hard on my fingers and knew she was cumming very hard and Tom was groaning and it was only a couple of seconds and I could tell he was cumming also. When I got up to see how she looked I could see a little of Tom’s cum on the edge of her mouth and asked if she was ready for more. Amelia smiled and said anything you want. I told Tom to trade place with me and he could eat her pussy for a while and I would enjoy her talented mouth. Amelia acted like she was never going to get another cock and gave me one of the best blow-jobs deep throating me and playing with my balls and tickling my asshole with her fingers. It was not long and I could tell Tom was doing a good job eating her pussy as she was not paying much attention to me and knowing she was ready to cum made me ready to cum and we both came a few seconds apart. Tom looked up at her licking the last bit of cum from my cock as he slipped his hard cock into Amelia’s hot wet pussy. Tom was really excited and it did not take him very long and he was cumming again. I was so excited watching Tom pound his cock in and out of Amelia’s pussy that it was not long and I was ready to go again. I traded places with Tom and began a slow steady rhythm as I worked my cock in and out of her wet pussy. Tom was looking like he needed something to do and I said you can lick her clit if you don’t mind. I told him that should send her over the edge. Tom looked reluctant at first, but soon began licking her clit as I continued working my cock in and out until we both came. After we jumped into the pool to cool off and relax. Tom was in the pool smiling and Amelia asked why he was smiling and he said if my room-mates could just see me now, especially since this is their last night here before they go to Afghanistan in the morning. (Tom had explained that they had a refresher course locally with one of the reserve units and would be leaving at the end of the month.) Amelia looked at me and said that is really ashamed that they have to spend the last day there alone. I took Amelia’s concern and conversation with Tom as a signal that she might be game for more people to party with in the water. I told Tom to call his friends and ask if they wanted to come over. Tom looked at me and then to Amelia and got his cell phone and called his buddies and after a few seconds said they would be over in a few minutes. I knew Tom did not say anything about what we were doing or the situation with Amelia. I got out of the pool and said I was going to get the grill and some food ready that we would eat first since it looked like it may be a long night. Tom said a hard night and we all laughed. I had robes for all of us to wear and we were wearing them when Tom’s buddies came. Tom asked if they were hungry that we were making steaks on the grill and after we were going to go swimming in the pool. They looked and said they did not bring suits and I said you have boxers on don’t you? They replied “yes” and I said good. I had made a salad while they were coming over and I had some potatoes and onions on the grill also. Tim and John came over just as I put the steaks on the grill. I asked Tom to watch the grill for a minute while I talked to Amelia in the barn. Amelia looked like I was crazy and followed me into the barn. I turned to her when we were out of sight of the others and kissed her and told her how much I loved her. I pulled the sash of the robe and opened it and smiled at her and said we want to show our guest a little cleavage. She kissed me and said I guess I did have it pulled tight. I loosened her robe so it was barely covering her and if she turned you had a clear view of her tits. I let her know I had a hard-on just looking at her and thinking about the possibilities of the evening. We returned and Tim and John immediately noticed and were more than obvious that they were looking and from the bulges in their pants they were enjoying to show. I had gotten the camera and was busy taking pictures of each of the guys with Amelia and together. Amelia was really eating up all the attention and returning favors kissing and hugging the guys. During supper she sat between Tim and John and having a good time. Tim and John took turns feeding her small bites of steaks and attending to her every need. John noticed Tim has dripped a little steak sauce on her breast and offered to clean it up for her. I told him to go ahead and lick it off that I did not want to stain the linen napkins. I took pictures as he licked and it only took a second and Amelia’s robe was pulled apart exposing her chest. Amelia had undone the sash of her robe so it would fall open and said you can each have a turn. Tim, John, and Tom were standing there looking like they needed a little help and I took some chocolate syrup I had got out for just this occasion. I poured chocolate on each of her nipples and around each of her breast and made a trail of syrup from her mid-thigh to her pubic mound. I told them all to make sure it was all cleaned up as nothing else could happen until she was clean. I smiled and winked at Amelia and began taking more pictures. Amelia was moaning louder now and was saying how unfair it was that she was being tortured like this and she could not do anything. I called over to Tim and John and said she needs some hard cock. Both of the guys stripped fast and were offering her their hard cocks. Tim was standing by her head and he was about average in size and length and John was at her waist. Amelia took Tim’s cock into her mouth and began sucking on it and John got between her legs and slipped his long slender cock into her wet pussy. John looked to be about nine inches long, but his cock was on the thin side. Amelia was really enjoying herself and was moaning like she was ready to explode. John was like a rabbit pounding away like he was never going to get any pussy again. Tim had his cock all the way in the back of her throat and from the look on his face he was cumming and Amelia was doing everything she could to keep up swallowing every bit of it. A few seconds later and the three of them looked like they were finished. Tom was really horny from doing all the watching and told Tim to give him a shot. John came over to me and took the camera and began taking more pictures. I was really glad I had purchased 3 8GB cards for the camera. John was taking some close-ups of Tom and I was working slowly to bring her off again. I had stuck my fingers into her hole and got a lot of cum and was rubbing it all over her clit as I stroked harder and faster while I continued rubbing her clit until she started to push my hand away. Amelia pulled off Tom and told me to stop that she could not take any more and resumed sucking Tom off. Tom said he was cumming and then so she started and then I started and we all finished at the same time. Amelia said she needed to have a break for a few minutes and she put her robe on and went into the house for about 15 minutes. Amelia came out and had a tray of drinks and snacks for everyone. John was lying back on the lounge chair and Amelia looked at him and smiled. She dropped her robe on the ground and straddled John so she was facing us and smiled. I could see she was at the edge of the lounge and I got a cushion and placed it on the ground between her legs. I had another fantasy of having another cock in her pussy at the same time as me, so I put some oil on and pushed Amelia so she was back on John and I slipped my cock into her pussy with John’s cock. Amelia made a face and said to go slow. I went slowly and John stayed still. It did not take long until I was cumming and the other two guys said they wanted to try also. Tim and Tom each took turns while John just stayed where he was until we had all finished. Amelia gave all the guys hugs and wished them luck and said she hoped we made their last night here a memorable one and to be safe when they went to Afghanistan. The guys left and we went into the house and all went to sleep.